Most Haunted Places in Alabama: Exploring the State’s Eerie Past

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  • Date: 7 December 2023
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In the vein of the classic thriller ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ set in the sleepy town of Maycomb, Alabama, the real-life ghost stories of the state are equally gripping and shrouded in mystery. Alabama, a land rich in history and Southern folklore, is home to some of the most haunted places in the country. From the restless spirits that roam the halls of the Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, a site of industrial history turned paranormal hotspot, to the eerie occurrences at the Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, each location is steeped in tales that blur the lines between the past and the present. The haunting of the USS Alabama Battleship in Mobile offers a maritime twist to Alabama’s ghostly lore, while the ghostly figures seen at the Old Cahawba ghost town add a spectral layer to its abandoned streets. Exploring Alabama’s haunted places is like stepping onto the set of a suspenseful film, where each turn reveals a new, thrilling chapter of the state’s hidden and haunted history

Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville
Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville

Old houses, cemeteries, and hospitals that have been there for decades are among Alabama’s most haunted locations. The King-Criswell-Garrett Home in Monroe County, which is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of former slaves, is one of these locations with a tragic history. Others are plain creepy, like the Huntsville cemetery known as Maple Hill, which has long been one of Alabama’s most haunted locations.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in ghosts or not; Alabama has some pretty eerie locations. Each and every person who enjoys a good scare can find something to enjoy, from haunted restaurants to abandoned hospitals. In this post, we’ll look at some of Alabama’s most eerie locations as well as the legends and accounts that give them their scary reputations.

Sloss Furnaces

Sloss Furnaces, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is a National Historic Landmark that was in operation from 1882 to 1971. It is known for producing and supplying steel all over the country after the Civil War. Today, it is a museum that attracts numerous visitors from near and far.

Sloss Furnaces, Alabama - Credit Bridget Coila
Sloss Furnaces, Alabama – Credit Bridget Coila

Paranormal Activity at Sloss Furnaces

Sloss Furnaces is widely regarded as one of the most haunted places in Alabama. One of the most famous ghosts at Sloss Furnaces is James “Slag” Wormwood. Wormwood worked the graveyard shift, and it’s believed the workers banded together and threw him into the molten fires of the furnace because of their mistreatment. Since his death in 1906, workers have complained about seeing and feeling an unnatural presence at work.

Others have reported feeling rapid temperature decreases throughout the building and hearing weird noises. Some people have even claimed to have seen the ghosts of workers who passed away while operating the furnaces. Sloss Furnaces is still a well-liked attraction for history buffs and those drawn to the paranormal despite the tales of ghostly activity. Visitors can explore the complex and learn about its history as well as the iron industry in Birmingham during guided tours.

King-Criswell-Garrett Home, Monroe County, Alabama

King-Criswell-Garrett Home, located in Monroe County, Alabama, was built in the late 1850s by William ‘Dock’ King, the nephew of the only US Vice President from Alabama. The mansion, with the broadest facade of an Alabama plantation home, stands as a testament to the architectural grandeur of its time. Its plans were scaled back due to the outbreak of the Civil War, but it remains an essential piece of Alabama’s history. Today, the home is privately owned but retains a presence in local lore and culture.

Paranormal Activity at King-Criswell-Garrett Home

The King-Criswell-Garrett Home has been shrouded in mystery and tales of the supernatural. It was once featured on the paranormal TV series ‘The Dead Files,’ where it was explored for ghostly activity. A former owner even claimed that an evil entity was attacking her within the home, instilling fear for her life. In addition to these chilling reports, the home’s connection to historical events and figures adds to its enigmatic character.

While not open to the public, the King-Criswell-Garrett Home continues to intrigue those interested in both history and the paranormal, serving as a symbol of Alabama’s rich and multifaceted past.

Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan is a Third System masonry fort located at the mouth of Mobile Bay in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Built between 1819 and 1833, the fort played a prominent role in the Battle of Mobile Bay, Spanish American War, World War I, and World War II. According to local folklore, the fort is one of the most haunted places in Alabama.

Fort Morgan, Alabama Credit Gary Runn
Fort Morgan, Alabama Credit Gary Runn

Ghostly Encounters at Fort Morgan

Visitors and staff at the fort have reported numerous ghostly encounters over the years. Many believe the souls of soldiers who perished there are still around. Some of the most commonly reported phenomena include disembodied footsteps, strange noises, and ghostly apparitions.

One of the most famous ghost stories associated with Fort Morgan is that of a soldier who was killed during a battle. According to legend, his ghost can be seen walking along the fort’s walls at night. Another popular story involves the ghost of a woman who is said to roam the fort’s tunnels. Some visitors have reported feeling a cold breeze and hearing strange noises while exploring the tunnels.

If you’re feeling brave, you can take a guided ghost tour of Fort Morgan. These tours are offered on select nights throughout the year and provide visitors with an opportunity to learn more about the fort’s haunted history. However, be warned that these tours are not for the faint of heart and may not be suitable for children.


Gaineswood, located in Demopolis, is a historic plantation home that was built by General Nathan Bryan Whitfield between 1842-1860. Today, it operates as a museum and is one of Alabama’s most beautiful plantation homes. However, the home is also known for its alleged paranormal activity, making it one of the state’s most haunted places.

Gaineswood Mansion - Credit Jimmy Emerson, DVM
Gaineswood Mansion – Credit Jimmy Emerson, DVM

Spectral Sounds at Gaineswood

Gaineswood has earned a place in Alabama’s history of haunted houses thanks to numerous reports over the years. Gaineswood has received reports of paranormal activity from both guests and staff, including hearing footsteps, doors opening and closing, and even the sound of a piano playing in an empty room.

A guy in a Confederate uniform and a woman wearing a white dress are among the apparitions that some individuals have claimed to have seen. The house has a rich history, and these spectral events are a fascinating aspect of that past.

Despite the claims of paranormal activity, Gaineswood remains a popular tourist destination for those interested in history and architecture. Visitors can take guided tours of the home and grounds, as well as attend special events throughout the year. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Gaineswood is a fascinating place to visit and learn about Alabama’s past.

Maple Hill Cemetery

Maple Hill Cemetery is one of the most famous cemeteries in Alabama, located in Huntsville. It was established in 1818 and is the largest and oldest cemetery in the city with over 80,000 gravesites. The cemetery’s long history provides fodder for unexplained phenomena including ghostly encounters involving the sightings of spectral apparitions and hearing strange noises after dark.

Maple Hill Cemetery, John Jackson
Maple Hill Cemetery, Credit John Jackson

Mysteries of Maple Hill Cemetery

One of the most well-known haunted places to visit in Huntsville, Maple Hill Cemetery is sure to raise the hair on anyone’s arms. The cemetery has several stories of hauntings and strange occurrences that have been reported over the years. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Dead Children’s Playground

The playground is located in the cemetery and is said to be haunted by the spirits of children who are buried in the cemetery. Swing sets in the playground have been reported to move on their own, and laughter and voices of children have been heard in the area. Visitors to the playground have also reported seeing apparitions of children playing in the area.

The Lady in Black

There is a statue of a lady in black in the cemetery that is said to be haunted. It is believed that the statue moves on its own and that the lady in black comes to life at night and roams around the cemetery.

Albert’s Ghost

Albert was a wealthy businessman who committed suicide in his mansion, which is now known as Tippecanoe Place in South Bend, Indiana. However, his body was brought back to Huntsville and buried in the Maple Hill Cemetery. It is said that his ghost haunts the cemetery and can be seen wandering around the area.

Moving Swings

There are several reports of swings in the cemetery moving on their own, even when there is no wind. Visitors have reported seeing the swings move back and forth, and some have even claimed to have seen apparitions of children playing on the swings.

Overall, Maple Hill Cemetery is a fascinating place to visit, with its rich history and numerous stories of hauntings and paranormal activity. However, visitors are advised to be respectful and mindful of the fact that it is a place of rest and reflection for many people.

Jemison Center

The Jemison Center, also known as Old Bryce Hospital, is a psychiatric hospital located in Northport, Alabama. It was constructed in 1939 and operated as a mental health facility until 1977. The Jemison Center has a dark history of mistreatment and abuse towards its patients, which led to its eventual closing.

Dark Past of Jemison Center

Numerous accounts claim that the Jemison Center mistreated its patients. Patients endured cruel procedures such as electroshock therapy, lobotomies, and other experimental techniques. Additionally, numerous patients suffered from staff members’ physical and sexual assault. A 1970s inquiry by the Alabama Department of Mental Health was prompted by the severity of the mistreatment and abuse of patients at the Jemison Center.

The ghosts of former patients and staff members are also said to haunt the Jemison Center. Many visitors to the hospital have claimed seeing apparitions, hearing unusual noises, and experiencing cold areas. Some think that the ghosts of former patients remain locked at the hospital and unable to move on because of the trauma they endured while at the Jemison Center.

Overall, the Jemison Center has a terrible and sordid past that has left an indelible mark on the state of Alabama. While the hospital is no longer in existence, the facility’s legacy of maltreatment and abuse of its patients serves as a reminder of the need of providing proper care and treatment for people suffering from mental illness.

The Redmont Hotel

The Redmont Hotel is the oldest active hotel in Birmingham, Alabama, having first opened in 1925 as a 200-room hotel with the then-unusual amenities of private baths in each room and water-cooled ceiling fans. Over the years, the hotel has seen its fair share of famous guests, including Hank Williams, who stayed in the hotel just before his untimely death in 1952.

The Redmont Hotel - Credit Josh Self

Ghosts of The Redmont Hotel

The Redmont Hotel is also known for its ghostly encounters. Several guests have reported seeing the ghost of a woman in white on the ninth floor, and the ghost of Clifford Stiles, a former owner, has been seen roaming the halls. However, the most famous ghost of the hotel is the singer Hank Williams, who has been seen in the room he stayed in right before his death.

Guests have reported strange occurrences, such as doors opening and closing and furniture and baggage moving around. Some have even claimed to hear the sound of Hank Williams’ guitar playing in the middle of the night.

Haunted Cemeteries

Alabama is home to several haunted cemeteries, each with its own spooky stories and legends. Here are two of the most haunted cemeteries in Alabama:

Bass Cemetery

Located in Irondale, Bass Cemetery is known for its eerie atmosphere and strange occurrences. Visitors have reported hearing strange noises, feeling cold spots, and even seeing apparitions. There have also been reports of unexplained lights and orbs in the cemetery.

One of the most chilling incidents at Bass Cemetery was the discovery of an open tomb. The corpse had been removed, leaving behind only a coffin and a few personal items. Some believe that the grave was disturbed by a ghost or other supernatural entity.

Harrison Cemetery

Located in Kinston, Harrison Cemetery is another haunted graveyard in Alabama. Legend has it that the cemetery is haunted by the ghost of Grancer Harrison, a wealthy landowner who was buried here in the 1800s. Visitors have reported seeing Harrison’s ghost wandering among the graves, as well as feeling a cold breeze and hearing strange noises.

According to local lore, Harrison’s ghost is particularly active on the anniversary of his death, which falls on November 30th. Some visitors have reported feeling a sense of unease and dread when visiting the cemetery on this date.

If you’re brave enough to visit these haunted cemeteries, be sure to bring a camera and a flashlight. Who knows what kind of supernatural activity you might encounter?

Haunted Mansions

Alabama is home to many historic mansions, some of which are believed to be haunted. Here are two of the most notorious haunted mansions in the state:

Sweetwater Mansion

Sweetwater Mansion, located in Florence, Alabama, is a beautiful antebellum mansion that was built in 1828. The mansion was once owned by the Thompson family, who were prominent landowners in the area. Legend has it that the mansion is haunted by the ghost of a woman named Sarah, who was a former slave of the Thompson family.

Sweetwater Mansion - Credit hotshoe.380
Sweetwater Mansion – Credit hotshoe.380

According to local lore, Sarah was tortured and killed by the Thompsons after she was caught trying to escape. Visitors to the mansion have reported hearing strange noises, seeing apparitions, and feeling an eerie presence. Some have even reported feeling as though they were being watched.

Despite the dangerous risks associated with exploring a haunted mansion, Sweetwater Mansion remains a popular destination for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts.

Dr. John R. Drish House

The Dr. John R. Drish House, located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is another historic mansion that is believed to be haunted. The mansion was built in 1837 by Dr. John Drish, a wealthy plantation owner and physician.

Legend has it that Dr. Drish became obsessed with the idea of building the most magnificent mansion in the South. He spared no expense in constructing the mansion, which boasts 22 rooms, a grand ballroom, and a spiral staircase made of mahogany.

After Dr. Drish’s death, the mansion fell into disrepair and was eventually abandoned. In the years that followed, the mansion became a popular spot for vandals and thrill-seekers. Many have reported seeing the ghost of Dr. Drish himself, as well as the ghost of former owner Clifford Stiles, who is said to walk the halls.

Today, the Dr. John R. Drish House has been restored and is open to the public for tours. Visitors can explore the mansion and learn about its fascinating history, as well as its haunted past.

Highway 5 Ghost

Highway 5 in Lynn, Alabama is known for being one of the most haunted stretches of road in the state. The legend of the Highway 5 Ghost has been passed down for generations, and many locals have claimed to have seen the ghostly apparition.

Tragic Tale of Highway 5 Ghost

As the story goes, a tragic accident occurred on Highway 5 many years ago. A teenage girl was walking home from prom with her boyfriend when they got into a fight. The girl asked to be let out of the car, so the boyfriend stopped and let her out. Shortly after, the girl was hit by an 18-wheeler and left to die at the scene.

Since then, people have reported seeing the ghost of the teenage girl wandering along the side of the road, sometimes even climbing onto the side of passing trucks. Some have even reported hearing the screams of a woman in the middle of the night.

Despite the many stories and sightings, there is no concrete evidence to support the legend of the Highway 5 Ghost. However, the tale has become a part of the local folklore and continues to be passed down from generation to generation.

If you find yourself driving along Highway 5 in Lynn, Alabama, keep an eye out for any unusual activity. Who knows, you may just catch a glimpse of the Highway 5 Ghost yourself.

Pickens County Courthouse

The Pickens County Courthouse, located in Carrollton, Alabama, is considered one of the most haunted places in the state. Built in 1877-1878, the courthouse has a long and tragic history, including the story of Henry Wells.

Henry Wells’ Curse

Henry Wells was a former slave who was accused of burning down the original courthouse in downtown Carrollton in 1876. He was arrested and taken to jail, but a mob of angry citizens formed outside the jail, demanding that he be lynched. Wells managed to escape and fled to the attic of the new courthouse, where he hid from the mob.

haunted places in alabama

As the story goes, lightning struck the courthouse, etching Wells’ face onto one of the windows. The image of his face is still visible today, and many believe that his spirit haunts the courthouse. Some say that Wells cursed the town before he died, vowing that his spirit would never rest until justice was served.

Over the years, there have been many reports of strange occurrences at the courthouse. Visitors have reported hearing footsteps, voices, and other unexplained noises. Some have even claimed to have seen the ghostly figure of Henry Wells himself.

Despite its haunted reputation, the Pickens County Courthouse is still in use today. Visitors are welcome to tour the building and learn more about its history and the legends that surround it. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the courthouse is a fascinating piece of Alabama history and well worth a visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most haunted places in Alabama?

Alabama has a rich history of haunted places, and some of the most famous ones include Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, the King-Criswell-Garrett Home in Monroe County, and the Jemison Center in Tuscaloosa.

Are there any ghost sightings in Alabama?

Yes, there have been many reported sightings of ghosts and other paranormal activity in Alabama. Some of the most famous sightings include the ghost of a Confederate soldier at the Battle of Selma Museum, the apparition of a woman in white at the Drish House in Tuscaloosa, and the ghost of a little girl at the Tutwiler Hotel in Birmingham.

What is the history behind the hauntings in Alabama?

Many of the haunted places in Alabama have a rich and often tragic history. For example, Sloss Furnaces was a major steel production facility that operated from 1882 to 1971 and is said to be haunted by the ghosts of workers who died on the job. The King-Criswell-Garrett Home was built in the late 1850s and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former owner’s daughter. The Jemison Center was an abandoned mental health facility that is said to be haunted by the ghosts of former patients.

Have there been any paranormal investigations in Alabama?

Yes, there have been many paranormal investigations conducted in Alabama, including at some of the most famous haunted places in the state. Some of the most notable investigations include those conducted by the Alabama Paranormal Research Association and the Southern Ghost Girls.

What are some of the most famous ghost stories in Alabama?

Alabama has many famous ghost stories, including the story of the ghost of a Confederate soldier who haunts the Battle of Selma Museum, the story of the ghost of a former owner’s daughter who haunts the King-Criswell-Garrett Home, and the story of the ghost of a little girl who haunts the Tutwiler Hotel.

Are there any tours or attractions for haunted places in Alabama?

Yes, there are many tours and attractions that focus on the haunted places in Alabama. Some of the most popular include the Ghosts and Graveyard Tour in Mobile, the Haunted Tuscaloosa Tours, and the Haunted History Tours in Montgomery.

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