The Most Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

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  • Date: 12 January 2024
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San Antonio, a city steeped in history dating back to Spanish colonial missions, is as well known for its colorful culture and historic structures as it is for spooky tales. It’s a city where the past and the present coexist, where centuries-old structures coexist with modern architecture, and where local legend and scary paranormal tales are woven into its cultural fabric. The haunted hotels in San Antonio have become as popular among ghost hunters and scary lovers as the Alamo City’s historic missions, River Walk, and vibrant festivals.

The Menger Hotel

Imbued with 150 years of history, the Menger Hotel stands as one of San Antonio’s most iconic landmarks. Situated adjacent to the Alamo, it has been host to notable guests including Teddy Roosevelt and various esteemed literary figures. However, the Menger has a chilling reputation extending beyond its illustrious guests and luxurious architecture. It holds the title of the “Most Haunted Hotel in Texas.”

Victorian Lobby at the Menger Hotel - credit Angi English
Victorian Lobby at the Menger Hotel – credit Angi English

Over the years, guests and staff alike have reported more than 32 different spirits that apparently prefer the old-world charm of the Menger to the afterlife. Sightings range from Sallie White, a chambermaid who was murdered by her husband and is frequently seen continuing her duties in the Victorian wing, to Captain Richard King, founder of the King Ranch, who is said to walk through the wall into his old room which is now a suite. Whether you’re an avid ghost hunter or just looking for a brush with the supernatural, the Menger Hotel promises an otherworldly stay amid its opulent surroundings.

The Emily Morgan Hotel

Standing tall and majestic with gothic revival architecture, the Emily Morgan Hotel is a state-recognized historic property that whispers stories of its past. Its past as a Medical Arts building, which included a hospital, morgue, and psychiatric ward, certainly sets the stage for tales of the inexplicable. Its transformation into a hotel did not seem to erase its eerie past, but rather, it added a new chapter to its history: one of haunting tales and ghostly sightings.

Emily Morgan Hotel at night - Credit Nan Palermo
Emily Morgan Hotel at night – Credit Nan Palermo

Guests and staff report frequent unexplained phenomena. Paranormal experiences include seeing apparitions in hospital gowns, hearing unaccounted-for noises, and experiencing sudden chills or the feeling of being watched. The most active floors are said to be the seventh (which was once the psychiatric ward), the ninth, eleventh and twelfth (which served as surgery floors), and the fourteenth (formerly the morgue). Today, the Emily Morgan Hotel is not just known for its luxurious accommodations and stunning views of the Alamo, but also for being one of the haunted hotels in San Antonio, giving its guests a unique blend of Texan hospitality and the supernatural.

The Crockett Hotel

Just a stone’s throw away from the Alamo, the historic Crockett Hotel stands as a silent witness to the city’s past. Named after the legendary Davy Crockett, who along with his men made their last stand at the Alamo, the Crockett Hotel’s proximity to such a historic site seems to have imbued it with an otherworldly presence. The hotel’s history is deeply intertwined with that of the Alamo, with some parts of the hotel actually built on the ground where the 1836 Battle of the Alamo took place.

Guests and staff have reported a number of paranormal occurrences. The most frequently sighted apparition is that of a man who is believed to be a former caretaker of the Alamo grounds. Unexplained noises, whispers in otherwise empty rooms, and objects moving on their own are other common occurrences that lend an air of mystery to this historic hotel. Whether it’s the allure of history or the thrill of possible supernatural encounters, the Crockett Hotel remains a fascinating destination for visitors exploring haunted hotels in San Antonio.

The St. Anthony Hotel

An epitome of luxury and opulence, The St. Anthony Hotel has been serving its guests with elegance since 1909. Often considered as the “Waldorf on the Prairie,” it has hosted an array of guests from the rich and famous to the spectral and mysterious. Its guest list includes presidents, royalty, and celebrities; however, some of these guests, it seems, decided to extend their stay indefinitely.

St Anthony Hotel - Credit Katie Haugland Bowen
St Anthony Hotel – Credit Katie Haugland Bowen

The tales of hauntings at The St. Anthony are numerous. Sightings of spectral figures in the halls, unaccountable sounds, and lights turning on and off on their own are among the strange phenomena reported. One of the most well-known ghostly inhabitants is a woman in a long, black dress seen frequently in the hotel’s lobby and the piano mezzanine. Also, a group of ghostly women is often seen dancing in the ballroom late at night. Whether you’re seeking luxurious accommodations or a brush with the supernatural, The St. Anthony is a standout among haunted hotels in San Antonio.

The Hotel Gibbs

Situated directly across the Alamo, The Hotel Gibbs is one of San Antonio’s original high-rise buildings, built in 1909. This historic hotel offers a unique blend of modern comfort and eerie mystery, thanks to its history and reported paranormal activities.

Hotel Gibbs - Credit Joseph
Hotel Gibbs – Credit Joseph

The Hotel Gibbs is no stranger to unexplained phenomena. Guests and staff have reported sightings of shadowy figures, particularly on the seventh floor, and have experienced strange disturbances such as the elevator stopping on the wrong floor or the feeling of being watched. One of the most retold tales is of a ghost named “Ida,” who is believed to be a former resident of the building when it was an office block.

The Black Swan Inn

One of the most notorious haunted locations in San Antonio, The Black Swan Inn dates back to the mid-19th century. Originally built on the grounds of the Battle of Salado, this site has a rich and tumultuous history, which many believe contributes to its paranormal activity. Over the years, it has served as a stagecoach stop, a speakeasy during the prohibition, and now, a hotspot for ghost hunters and thrill-seekers.

Black Swann Inn - Credit Nicolas Henderson
Black Swann Inn – Credit Nicolas Henderson

The tales of hauntings at The Black Swan Inn are both numerous and chilling. Reports range from apparitions and shadow figures to disembodied voices and strange sounds. Notably, the spirit of the former owner, Jolene Woods, is often seen walking the grounds. Guests have also reported sightings of Native American spirits, soldiers from the Texas Revolution, and even the apparition of a young girl. If you’re seeking a truly eerie encounter, a visit to The Black Swan Inn might be a chilling addition to your tour of haunted hotels.


San Antonio, with its storied past, offers a unique blend of history and mystery. Its collection of haunted hotels provides a fascinating insight into the city’s past, coupled with a touch of the supernatural. Whether you’re a seasoned ghost hunter or simply intrigued by the unknown, these hotels offer a chance to possibly encounter the city’s spectral inhabitants.

Do you have your own ghostly tales from San Antonio’s haunted hotels? Have we missed any infamous locations? Please share your experiences and suggestions in the comments. We’d love to hear your stories and add to our growing list of haunted hotels in San Antonio.

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