The Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Emily Morgan Hotel is a renowned haunted location known for its paranormal activity and chilling experiences.
  • The hotel has a rich history, dating back to its construction in the 1920s as the Medical Arts Building in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Legend has it that Emily Morgan, a woman who was held captive in the building during the Texas Revolution, is the source of the hotel’s hauntings.
  • Guests and staff have reported various paranormal experiences, including ghostly apparitions, mysterious sounds, and objects moving on their own.

Introduction to the Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel

Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel - Credit Tony Kent
Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel – Credit Tony Kent

The Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel, a supernatural haven that entices visitors with its eerie allure. Discover the mystique behind this haunted hotel, where paranormal encounters and ghostly tales come to life. Unveil the secrets that lurk within the hotel’s walls and delve into the chilling history that has captured the imaginations of many. Experience the spine-tingling sensation that awaits at the Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel.

The History of the Emily Morgan Hotel

The Enigmatic Origins of the Emily Morgan Hotel

The history of the Emily Morgan Hotel can be traced back to its enigmatic origins. This prestigious hotel, located in downtown San Antonio, Texas, holds a captivating past shrouded in mystery. Once serving as a prominent medical arts building in the early 20th century, it has since been transformed into a luxurious hotel that offers a unique blend of elegance and supernatural intrigue.

Revealing the Haunting Legends Surrounding the Hotel

Among the most intriguing aspects of the Emily Morgan Hotel are the haunting legends that surround its existence. Guests have reported eerie occurrences, such as unexplained footsteps echoing in empty hallways and inexplicable cold spots throughout the building. Many believe that the hotel is home to restless spirits, with some even claiming encounters with the ghost of Emily Morgan herself, a former patient of the medical facility.

Uncovering Unexplored Secrets

While the haunted reputation of the Emily Morgan Hotel is well-documented, there are still unexplored secrets waiting to be uncovered. The building’s connection to historical events and notable individuals add an additional layer of intrigue to its already mysterious aura. Delving deeper into its past might unveil hidden stories that shed light on the enigmatic nature of the hotel.

Embrace the Supernatural at the Emily Morgan Hotel

Experience the mystique and allure of the Emily Morgan Hotel for yourself. Book a stay and immerse yourself in its rich history. Discover the unexplained phenomena that have captivated guests for decades. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to delve into the supernatural and indulge in a truly unique hotel experience.

The Legend of Emily Morgan

The Mysterious Tale Surrounding Emily Morgan

The extraordinary tale of Emily Morgan, whose real name was Emily D. West, reads like a novel filled with intrigue, courage, and unexpected turns. Born around 1815 in New Haven, Connecticut, Emily was a free woman of color during a time when it was common for individuals of mixed race to serve as indentured servants. At the age of twenty, she found herself contracted to James Morgan in Texas, adopting his last name as custom dictated.

Emily Morgan - credit Ed Schipul
Emily Morgan – credit Ed Schipul

Emily’s life took a dramatic turn on April 16, 1836, when she was kidnapped by General Santa Ana and the Mexican Cavalry. Soon, she found herself in the midst of a battle for Texan Independence at Buffalo Bayou. Legend has it that on the morning of the Battle of San Jacinto, Santa Ana was so enamored or distracted by Emily that it affected his performance on the battlefield. Whether she danced for him, drugged him, or simply kept him occupied, the myth of her role in the Texans’ victory grew, turning her into a symbol of Texas Independence.

After the battle, Emily’s struggles were far from over. Having lost her paperwork, she faced difficulties as a free person of color without documentation during the era of slavery. It wasn’t until Major Isaac Moreland vouched for her that she could resume her travels, finally making her way to New York in March of 1837.

Though history may debate the accuracy of Emily’s role in the Battle of San Jacinto, her legacy as a symbol of Texas and a figure of intrigue persists. A mid-nineteenth-century song, “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” is often attributed to her, though the connection has since been proven false. Still, the song and her legend continue to resonate with people.

The opening of the Emily Morgan Hotel in 1984 in San Antonio further cemented her place in cultural history. Named in her honor, the hotel has become a hub for paranormal enthusiasts who claim to witness ghostly activities reminiscent of Emily’s time.

Emily Morgan’s life, wrapped in history, legend, and mystery, continues to inspire and fascinate. An ordinary woman caught in extraordinary circumstances, her story transcends time and reminds us of the power of individual actions within significant historical events. Her name is synonymous with intrigue and courage, and her legacy lives on, captivating the hearts and minds of those who come across her story.

The Hauntings and Paranormal Activity

Ah, the enigmatic Emily Morgan Hotel of San Antonio, Texas. Steeped in a unique and macabre history, this place stands as one of the most haunted havens, a veritable crossroads where the living meets the lingering shades of the past.

Specific floors of this grand hotel, namely the seventh, ninth, and fourteenth, along with the basement, are whispered to be particularly possessed by paranormal activities. Once functioning as spaces for psychiatric ward, surgery, waiting areas, and even a morgue, these floors now house ghostly echoes from days when the building served as a medical facility.

Emily Morgan - credit Ken Lund
Emily Morgan – credit Ken Lund

Guests and employees alike have reported unexplained phenomena. Cool brushes against the skin, overpowering scents of medicine, and even apparitions of nurses pushing gurneys down the corridor. On the fourteenth floor, a scene from a hospital appears so tangible that guests have shut the door in disbelief, only to find the ghostly image vanished upon a second look. The twelfth floor, once an operating level, hosts faucets that turn on by themselves and spectral nurses attending to eternal duties.

The basement, a former morgue and crematorium, is an area where the scent of burning human flesh has been reported. Employees scurry through their tasks, haunted by the strange occurrences and peculiar odors that pervade each floor.

Even the elevators seem to have minds of their own, skipping floors or locking guests inside, sometimes making unlisted phone calls to the front desk, or inexplicably descending to the basement where echoes of the dead linger.

One floor boasts a haunting of a ghost bride whose unearthly shrieks carry through the night. No one knows her story, but her presence is keenly felt by guests and staff alike, sometimes appearing in mirrors or darting through rooms, leaving behind frightened guests and a lasting impression.

Disturbingly, the hotel’s swimming pool is said to have been constructed out of stainless steel from the medical center’s operating tables. Perhaps a key to the haunting, where spirits remain attached to objects from their time of death.

Named the third most haunted hotel in the world, the Emily Morgan Hotel offers more than just luxurious accommodations. It serves as a spectral bridge between the past and present, where the curious might just encounter the inexplicable, and where the boundaries between life and death become intriguingly blurred. After all, sometimes history doesn’t rest, and at the Emily Morgan, neither do its ghosts.


The Emily Morgan Hotel is renowned for its reputation as a haunted location. With its eerie ambiance and numerous ghostly sightings, the hotel offers an experience unlike any other. The stories of paranormal activity throughout the building add to its mystique and allure. Visitors seeking a thrill or an encounter with the unknown will find the Emily Morgan Hotel to be an intriguing destination. In visiting this haunted establishment, guests may gain a unique perspective on the supernatural and create lasting memories of their stay.

As for a Pro Tip, those interested in the paranormal should consider booking a room on the upper floors, as they are rumored to have the highest concentration of ghostly encounters.

Five Facts About The Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel:

  • ✅ The Emily Morgan Hotel is located in San Antonio, Texas, and is known as one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.
  • ✅ The hotel was originally built as the Medical Arts Building in 1924, making it the city’s first skyscraper.
  • ✅ The building features Gothic Revival architecture and is adorned with terra-cotta gargoyles depicting various medical ailments.
  • ✅ In 1984, the Medical Arts Building was converted into the Emily Morgan Hotel, named after Emily D. West, a free woman of color who lived in Texas during the 19th century.
  • ✅ The Emily Morgan Hotel is famously known as the third most haunted hotel in the world, according to USA Today’s 2015 list.

FAQs about The Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel

What is the historical significance of the Emily Morgan Hotel?

The Emily Morgan Hotel is a historic hotel in San Antonio, Texas. It has received numerous accolades, including being inducted into the Historic Hotels of American Organization and being recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. It has also been featured in magazines and received the American Institute of Architects San Antonio’s Twenty-Five Year Distinguished Building Award.

When did the Emily Morgan Hotel open?

The Emily Morgan Hotel opened in 1984 as a luxury hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

Why is the Emily Morgan Hotel considered haunted?

The Emily Morgan Hotel is considered one of the most haunted hotels in the world. In 2015, it was listed as the third most haunted hotel by USA Today. It is said to have paranormal phenomena and ghostly experiences attributed to its history and previous usage as a medical facility.

What was the original purpose of the building that became the Emily Morgan Hotel?

The building that became the Emily Morgan Hotel was originally known as the Medical Arts Building. It was designed to be San Antonio’s first Medical Arts Building and housed doctors’ offices, a hospital, and a morgue in the basement.

Who was Emily D. West and how is she related to the Emily Morgan Hotel?

Emily D. West, born around 1815, was a free woman of color who worked as an indentured servant in Texas. She was associated with the Emily Morgan Hotel because it adopted her name. Emily D. West was kidnapped by the Mexican Cavalry in 1836 and held captive during the Battle for Texan Independence.

What is the architectural style of the Emily Morgan Hotel?

The Emily Morgan Hotel is a thirteen-story Gothic Revival structure. It features glazed terra-cotta finish on the bottom and top floors, and light-hued brick on the middle seven floors. The building also showcases distinctive terra-cotta gargoyles depicting various medical ailments.

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