Brown Palace Hotel: Denver’s Elegant Landmark with a Haunting History

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  • Date: 17 January 2024
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Welcome to the Brown Palace Hotel, a timeless symbol of grandeur and intrigue. Nestled in the heart of Denver, Colorado, this iconic hotel has a rich history and is steeped in legends of the past.

Join us on a journey through its captivating past, paranormal encounters, cultural significance, and more.


Step back in time and uncover the rich tapestry of history that weaves through the Brown Palace Hotel. Built in 1892, this iconic Denver landmark has stood witness to significant moments in the city’s past. From hosting world leaders and celebrities to surviving economic downturns and the test of time, the hotel has become an emblem of resilience and elegance.

Legend has it that the hotel was constructed on the exact spot where its founder, Henry Cordes Brown, had a chance encounter with a stray calf. Taking it as a sign, he declared that he would build a grand hotel on that very location, and so the Brown Palace Hotel came to be.

Over the years, the hotel has welcomed notable guests, including presidents, entertainers, and business magnates. Its distinguished reputation as a premier destination for luxury and hospitality has only grown with time. From the opulent chandeliers and grand ballrooms to the signature afternoon tea service, the Brown Palace Hotel continues to evoke the glamour and sophistication of a bygone era.

Legends abound within the hotel’s walls, whispered stories of mysterious occurrences and spirits from the past. Tales of secret passages, hidden rooms, and even the ghostly presence of a former chambermaid add to the allure of the Brown Palace Hotel. Whether true or simply a product of imagination, these stories further enrich the hotel’s historic legacy and fuel the imaginat ion of guests and visitors.

As you walk through the hallowed halls and admire the intricate architectural details, take a moment to appreciate the layers of history that have shaped the Brown Palace Hotel into the beloved institution it is today. It stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Denver and a living testament to the visionaries who brought it to life.

Brown Palace Hotel
Brown Palace Hotel | Credit: brownpalace

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Within the elegant confines of the Brown Palace Hotel, guests and staff have encountered a series of perplexing and spine-chilling paranormal phenomena. Numerous reports of strange occurrences and unexplained events have earned the hotel a reputation as a site of haunted activity. Here are some haunting tales and enigmatic phenomena experienced by those who have stayed within its walls:

Floating Man At The Hotel Entrance

Behold, the enigmatic tale of the “Floating Man at the Entrance” in the hallowed halls of the Brown Palace Hotel. Whispers circulate among guests of a peculiar phenomenon, as something mysterious crawls beneath the rug—a chilling presence unseen but felt.

But that is not all, for at the Club entrance stands a spectral figure in a dark suit and cap—a timeless apparition resembling an old-fashioned railroad conductor. As intrigued guests try to approach, he evades their grasp, silently gliding to the ground floor, and vanishing into the very wall’s 90-degree corner.

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Louise Crawford’s Spector – Room 904

Meet the enigmatic Louise Crawford Hill, Denver’s beloved socialite, who continues to reign over the Brown Palace Hotel from beyond the grave!

In life, she hosted lavish parties and extravagant card games for the city’s elite, but in death, her spirit found solace in room 904. Even during extensive renovations, her presence remained, making its mark in mysterious ways.

Witness the strange occurrences that befell the switchboard operator, who received eerie phone calls from 904, stripped bare of furniture and lights. The static-filled calls were a clear message: Mrs. Hill’s domain must not be disturbed!

Phantom Band In San Marco Room

San Marco Room, once a vibrant venue where big bands and the San Marco Strings dazzled dinner guests, this elegant dining room holds a ghostly secret. Legend speaks of a perplexing night when an employee stumbled upon an otherworldly performance. Intriguingly, musicians in formal attire were seen practicing their music in a supposed empty room.

When confronted about their unauthorized presence, their response sent chills down the employee’s spine: “Oh, don’t worry about us. We live here.”

Explore the timeless charm of the Brown Palace Hotel, where the spirits of gifted musicians seem to have made this room their eternal stage. Can you unravel the enigma of these ghostly performers and the ethereal music that still resonates through the halls?

Brown Palace Hotel
Brown Palace Hotel | Credit: brownpalace

Haunted Elevator & Boiler Room

Among the spectral sightings, a startling apparition lingers near the service elevator—a ghostly waiter, forever tending to unseen guests. And if you dare to wander the hallways, you may encounter the ephemeral figures of playful children, their laughter echoing through time.

Yet, it is the most chilling and perplexing enigma that lingers in the depths of the hotel—the mournful wail of a baby crying in the sinister boiler room. The air thickens with an eerie chill as the phantom sobs echo through the darkness, leaving guests both intrigued and unnerved.

Embrace the allure of the Brown Palace, but beware the shadows that dance with unseen entities. Can you unravel the mysteries of these spooky specters and decipher the chilling tale of the crying baby that haunts the very heart of this historic landmark?

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Renowned for its historic allure and legendary hauntings, the hotel has been prominently featured in several television shows and documentaries centered around the paranormal. Notably, it took the spotlight in the captivating series “Haunted Hotels,” where investigators delved into the hotel’s ghostly tales and eerie mysteries.

In literature, the Brown Palace Hotel has been a subject of fascination in books like “Denver’s Haunted Secrets” by Sara Anderson and “Ghosts of Colorado: Spooky Tales from the Centennial State” by Michael Michelsen. These books explore the supernatural folklore of the area, with the hotel as a captivating chapter.

Today, the Brown Palace Hotel continues to captivate history enthusiasts and ghost hunters, drawing them with its intriguing presence in pop culture and media. This historic gem exudes an air of mystery and spectral charm that appeals to all who visit.

Conclusion: A Living Legend

As we conclude our exploration of the Brown Palace Hotel, we invite you to immerse yourself in its timeless charm, mysterious past, and unique cultural significance.

Whether you seek a luxurious stay, a glimpse into history, or a brush with the supernatural, the Brown Palace Hotel promises an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Brown Palace Hotel

Q1: Where is thee Brown Palace Hotel located?

A: It is located at 321 17th St, Denver, CO 80202.

Q: Is the Brown Palace Hotel really haunted?
Yes, the hotel is known for its paranormal activity and has been the subject of numerous ghostly encounters.

Q: Can guests experience the paranormal activities?
A: Some guests have reported strange occurrences and ghostly encounters during their stay at the hotel.

Q: Are there any famous ghost stories associated with the Brown Palace Hotel?
Yes, the hotel has its share of ghostly legends, including tales of haunted rooms and apparitions.

Q: Can visitors learn more about the hotel’s history?
Absolutely! The hotel offers guided tours and informative materials that provide insights into its fascinating past.

Q: Is the Brown Palace Hotel open to the public?
While the hotel welcomes visitors, it primarily operates as a luxury accommodation and dining destination.

Q: Can I experience the hotel’s historic elegance without staying overnight?
Absolutely! The hotel’s public areas, such as its iconic atrium and restaurants, offer a glimpse into its historic charm.

Q: Is the Brown Palace Hotel accessible to people with disabilities?
Yes, the hotel is committed to providing accessibility and accommodations for all guests.

Q: Are there dining options available at the Brown Palace Hotel?
Yes, the hotel boasts several renowned restaurants and bars that offer exquisite culinary experiences.

Q: Can I host events or weddings at the Palace Hotel?
Yes, the hotel offers a variety of elegant event spaces and specializes in creating memorable celebrations.

Q: Is the Brown Palace Hotel pet-friendly?
Yes, the hotel welcomes furry friends, ensuring a comfortable stay for both you and your four-legged companion.

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