Scariest Places in Denver: Exploring Denver’s Most Chilling Locations

  • By: Timothy Rose
  • Date: 12 January 2024
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Denver can be chilly, not just in temperature, but also in the tales of hauntings that echo through its streets and buildings. This city, nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, is home to some of the most chilling locations in the country, each with its own ghostly story to tell.

In our exploration of Denver’s most haunted places, we’ll uncover the eerie whispers of the past that still linger in the present. From the historic Molly Brown House, where it’s said the unsinkable Molly herself still roams, to the ominous halls of the Oxford Hotel, where spectral guests check in but never leave, each site has its own spectral charm.

As we delve into the ghostly corners of Denver, expect to encounter unexplained phenomena, spine-tingling legends, and maybe even the feeling of being watched by unseen eyes. This journey is not just about seeing the sights; it’s about feeling the presence of the otherworldly entities that call these locations home.

Join us, if you dare, for a journey through Denver’s most chilling locations, where the line between the living and the dead is as thin as the mountain air.

Historical Haunted Locations

Denver is known for its rich history and many of its historic buildings and landmarks are said to be haunted. Here are some of the most famous historical haunted locations in Denver.

Molly Brown House Museum

In the heart of Denver, Colorado, stands the Molly Brown House Museum, a testament to the life of the unsinkable Molly Brown. But beyond her Titanic fame, whispers of the supernatural echo through its halls. Legend has it that the spirits of Molly and her husband, J.J., still linger, ensuring their legacy remains intact.

Molly Brown House Museum - Credit Wally Goebetz
Molly Brown House Museum – Credit Wally Goebetz

Molly Brown, a philanthropist and socialite, was no stranger to the limelight. After surviving the Titanic disaster, she became an international sensation. However, it’s the tales after her passing that intrigue many. Visitors and staff have reported seeing apparitions, especially of a woman in Victorian attire, believed to be Molly herself. Footsteps echo in empty rooms, and the scent of roses, Molly’s favorite, wafts through the air without explanation. There’s also the tale of a ghostly couple, dancing in the ballroom late at night, their laughter echoing softly. Some believe it’s Molly and J.J., forever reliving their happiest moments.

The aftermath of these tales has turned the museum into a hotspot for paranormal enthusiasts. While many come to learn about Molly’s life and her Titanic experience, others hope to catch a glimpse of the supernatural. The museum staff, while acknowledging the stories, continue to honor Molly’s legacy, ensuring her story of bravery and resilience is told. But for those who’ve felt a cold breeze or seen a shadow move just out of sight, the Molly Brown House offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world beyond.

The Brown Palace Hotel, located in downtown Denver, is one of the city’s oldest and most luxurious hotels. It has hosted many famous guests over the years, including presidents and royalty. The hotel is said to be haunted by several ghosts, including a former owner who died in one of the rooms and a baby who died in the hotel’s early days.

Cheesman Park, Denver

In the heart of Denver, Colorado, Cheesman Park offers a picturesque setting for city dwellers. But its beauty masks a haunting history. Before children played and families picnicked, this ground served as the final resting place for many. And as legends suggest, some of those souls never left.

Cheesman Park, Denver – Credit Ken Lund

Mount Prospect Cemetery once occupied this land. But as Denver expanded, the city decided to repurpose it into a park. The task of exhuming the bodies fell to undertaker E.P. McGovern. But greed clouded his judgment. Instead of respectfully transferring the remains, he used smaller coffins, cramming in parts from different bodies. The operation was hasty and many souls were left undisturbed. Today, visitors recount unsettling experiences: unseen hands brushing against them, ghostly figures wandering, and an inexplicable feeling of sorrow in certain spots.

While today’s Cheesman Park bustles with life and laughter, its spectral past is never too far away. Those in the know tread lightly, respecting the spirits that might still roam. And every so often, as the sun sets and shadows grow long, one might just hear a whisper or feel a chill, a gentle reminder of the park’s eerie origins.

Croke-Patterson Mansion, Denver

In the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, the Croke-Patterson Mansion stands as a testament to architectural grandeur. But its ornate façade hides tales of mystery and the supernatural. This mansion, with its sandstone walls and intricate carvings, has witnessed more than just the passage of time; it’s said to harbor spirits from another era.

The mansion’s story begins with its original owner, Thomas B. Croke. Mere days after moving in, rumors swirled that he felt an overwhelming sense of dread, causing him to abandon the property. The mansion then passed to Thomas M. Patterson, a U.S. Senator. While the Patterson family resided there for years, it’s the tales of the subsequent tenants that have fueled the mansion’s haunted reputation. Whispers of ghostly infants crying, unexplained cold drafts, and even sightings of spectral figures have become part of the mansion’s lore. Some say these phenomena are linked to a tale of two infants buried in the backyard, though no evidence supports this claim.

Croke-Patterson Mansion, Denver

Today, the Croke-Patterson Mansion has undergone several transformations, from a radio station to office spaces, and now a bed-and-breakfast. But its paranormal tales remain a constant. Guests and workers alike have reported eerie occurrences, from disembodied voices to objects moving on their own. While the mansion’s history is rich with Denver’s elite and their endeavors, it’s the ghostly tales that continue to captivate visitors. Those brave enough to spend a night often leave with stories of their own, adding to the legacy of one of Denver’s most haunted abodes.

Denver Public Library, Denver

In the bustling heart of Denver, the Denver Public Library stands as a beacon of knowledge and culture. Its vast collection of books and archives draws countless visitors, but some believe that it’s not just the living who roam its aisles. The library, with its rich history, is said to be home to spirits who have stories of their own to tell.

The library’s Central Branch, an architectural marvel, has been the epicenter of many ghostly tales. Staff and visitors alike have reported strange occurrences that defy explanation. There’s talk of elevators moving between floors without being called, mysterious cold spots in certain sections, and even the soft rustling of pages in otherwise empty rooms. One prominent spirit believed to haunt the library is a woman seen in early 20th-century attire. She’s often spotted in the Western History section, seemingly engrossed in reading, only to vanish when approached.

The aftermath of these tales has added a layer of intrigue to the Denver Public Library. While most come in search of knowledge or a quiet place to read, others arrive with hopes of encountering the unknown. The library’s staff, while focused on their daily tasks, occasionally share whispered stories of their own eerie experiences. And as night falls and the building empties, one can’t help but wonder if the library’s spectral residents settle down with a good book, forever lost in their own tales.

Colorado State Capitol Building, Denver

Rising majestically in the skyline of Denver, the Colorado State Capitol Building is more than just a hub of political activity. With its gleaming gold dome and grand marble interiors, it’s a symbol of the state’s rich history. But as the sun sets and the corridors grow quiet, some say the building comes alive with echoes from the past.

Colorado State Capitol Building, Denver - Credit Jon K.
Colorado State Capitol Building, Denver – Credit Jon K.

Over the years, staff and visitors have whispered about unexplained phenomena within the building’s walls. Footsteps echo in empty hallways, doors creak open on their own, and shadows flit across the grand rotunda. One of the most talked-about apparitions is a former security guard. Legend has it that he continues his rounds in the afterlife, ensuring the building’s safety. There are tales of night-time workers hearing the jingle of keys, only to find no one there. Some even claim to have seen a uniformed figure, disappearing just as quickly as he appeared.

hile the Colorado State Capitol Building remains a bustling center of governance by day, its paranormal tales have given it a dual identity. Tourists and locals alike often visit, not just to admire its architectural beauty or learn about Colorado’s history, but to perhaps catch a glimpse of the unknown. And as debates rage on in its chambers, the building’s spectral inhabitants remind us that history, with all its stories and secrets, is very much alive.

Byers-Evans House, Denver

Nestled amidst the modern structures of Denver, the Byers-Evans House stands as a window into the city’s past. This beautifully preserved home, with its period-appropriate furnishings and intricate woodwork, tells tales of the influential families who once resided there. But some believe that members of the Byers and Evans families never truly left, their spirits lingering amidst the rooms and hallways.

The house, originally built for William N. Byers, the founder of Denver’s first newspaper, has seen its fair share of history. As the decades passed, it became the residence of the Evans family, another prominent name in Colorado’s annals. Over time, visitors and staff began to notice peculiar happenings. Soft footsteps on the wooden floors when no one else was around, the faint sound of laughter from empty rooms, and even the occasional glimpse of a figure in period clothing, fading away as quickly as it appeared.

For those who work at the Byers-Evans House Museum today, these tales have become a part of the home’s rich tapestry. While many visitors come to learn about Denver’s early days and the families who shaped its future, others are drawn by the allure of the paranormal. They walk the rooms with bated breath, hoping to experience a brush with the otherworldly. And as the sun sets and the house’s lights cast a warm glow, one can’t help but feel the weight of history and the whispers of those who once called it home.

Overall, these historical haunted locations in Denver are a testament to the city’s rich and sometimes dark history. While some may dismiss the reports of hauntings as mere urban legends, others believe that these ghosts are a very real presence in these historic buildings and landmarks.

Haunted Hotels in Denver

Denver has a rich history of haunted hotels, with several of them being featured in popular media. Here are some of the most haunted hotels in Denver

Brown Palace Hotel, Denver

In the heart of Denver, the iconic Brown Palace Hotel stands as a testament to luxury and elegance. With its distinctive triangular shape, grand atrium, and storied past, it has been a favorite among presidents, celebrities, and dignitaries. But beyond its opulent suites and polished hallways, the hotel is said to harbor guests of a more ethereal nature.

Brown Palace Hotel, Denver - credit Onasill
Brown Palace Hotel, Denver – credit Onasill

Since its opening in 1892 by Henry C. Brown, the hotel has been the backdrop for countless tales of intrigue and drama. And where there’s history, there are often hauntings. Guests and staff have reported a myriad of unexplained occurrences. Elevators stopping on floors without being summoned, ghostly figures reflected in the ornate mirrors, and the soft strains of music emanating from seemingly nowhere. One of the most enduring tales is that of a Denver socialite who, after a heartbreak, took her own life in the hotel. Her spirit, clad in an elegant evening gown, is said to wander the hallways, forever searching for her lost love.

Today, the Brown Palace Hotel continues to be a beacon of luxury in Denver. But for those in the know, it offers something more—a chance to step into a world where the past and the present intertwine. Guests often share their own tales of ghostly encounters, adding to the hotel’s rich tapestry of stories. And as the chandeliers cast their golden glow and the piano plays in the background, one can’t help but wonder if some of the hotel’s original guests have decided to extend their stay indefinitely.

Patterson Inn, Denver

Amidst the historic charm of Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, the Patterson Inn stands as a beacon of both beauty and mystery. This red sandstone mansion, with its turrets and intricate detailing, has been a landmark since the late 1800s. But while its architecture draws many admirers, others are lured by tales of the inn’s spectral residents.

Built by Thomas B. Croke and later acquired by Thomas M. Patterson, the mansion has seen its fair share of Denver’s elite. However, its grandeur is matched by tales of the unexplained. Guests have recounted hearing hushed conversations in empty rooms, footsteps echoing in the dead of night, and even the soft lullaby of a music box with no discernible source. The most famous apparition is that of a young girl, often seen playing in the hallways or peering out of windows. Her identity remains a mystery, but her presence is a constant topic of whispered conversations.

The Patterson Inn today serves as a luxurious bed and breakfast, offering guests a blend of historical elegance and modern comforts. But as night falls and the mansion’s lights cast their warm glow, the line between the living and the departed seems to blur. Guests often retire to their rooms with a mix of anticipation and trepidation, wondering if they might have their own paranormal tale to share by morning’s light.

Oxford Hotel, Denver

In the bustling LoDo district of Denver, the Oxford Hotel stands as a timeless gem. With its classic brick facade and rich interiors, it’s a nod to an era gone by. Since its doors opened in 1891, the hotel has welcomed countless guests, from weary travelers to high-profile dignitaries. But some say that a few guests have never checked out, their spirits forever bound to the hotel’s storied halls.

Oxford Hotel, Denver - credit Wally Gobetz
Oxford Hotel, Denver – credit Wally Gobetz

Over the decades, tales of the paranormal have become intertwined with the hotel’s history. One of the most talked-about spirits is that of a man in period attire, often seen wandering the hallways before vanishing into thin air. Then there’s the tale of Room 320. Guests who’ve stayed there have reported a range of eerie occurrences, from sudden cold drafts to the sensation of being watched. Legend has it that a heartbroken man took his life in that very room, and his restless spirit remains.

Today, the Oxford Hotel continues to be a beloved landmark in Denver, offering guests a blend of luxury and history. But as the evening shadows lengthen and the corridors grow quiet, there’s a palpable sense of the mysteries that the hotel holds. Whether it’s the soft echo of footsteps from a bygone era or the fleeting glimpse of a spectral figure, the Oxford serves as a reminder that some stories, and spirits, are timeless.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

While not in Denver, the Stanley Hotel is a must-visit for any ghost hunter. Perched majestically against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains in Estes Park, the Stanley Hotel is a vision of colonial revival elegance. Its sprawling verandas and grand interiors have played host to countless guests since its inception in 1909. But beyond its reputation as a luxurious retreat, the Stanley holds the title of one of America’s most haunted hotels.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park - Credit Wally Gobetz
Stanley Hotel, Estes Park – Credit Wally Gobetz

The hotel’s founder, F.O. Stanley, is said to be one of its eternal residents. Guests and staff have reported seeing his apparition playing the piano in the music room or wandering the hotel’s corridors. His wife, Flora, is also believed to serenade guests with her piano playing in the ballroom. But perhaps the most famous tale is that of Room 217. It’s said that a former housekeeper, who survived an explosion in that very room, continues her duties in the afterlife, often unpacking and storing away guests’ belongings.

The Stanley Hotel gained further notoriety when it served as the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining.” Guests today, drawn by both its paranormal reputation and its connection to the famed author, often request to stay in the infamous Room 217. As night descends and the mountain winds howl, the line between reality and the supernatural blurs. The Stanley, with its rich history and ghostly tales, invites guests to experience a stay that’s truly out of this world.

Lumber Baron Inn, Denver

Tucked away in the historic Potter-Highlands of Denver, the Lumber Baron Inn stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant past. This Victorian mansion, with its intricate woodwork and stained-glass windows, once belonged to lumber magnate John Mouat. While its architectural beauty is undeniable, whispers of ghostly occurrences have made the inn a focal point for those intrigued by the paranormal.

The 1970s were a particularly dark time for the mansion. It was during this period that two young women met tragic ends within its walls, their murders unsolved for decades. It’s said that their spirits still roam the inn. Guests have reported hearing soft giggles, footsteps in the corridors, and even catching fleeting glimpses of apparitions in period clothing. The most active spots are believed to be the Valentine Suite and the hallways of the third floor, where many have felt an inexplicable chill or sensed an unseen presence.

Today, the Lumber Baron Inn operates as a bed and breakfast, offering guests a mix of historical charm and modern comfort. But as the sun sets and the mansion’s lights cast a soft glow, there’s an undeniable sense of the mysteries it holds. Whether it’s the soft rustle of a curtain when no breeze is present or the distant echo of a voice from an empty room, the Lumber Baron beckons guests to delve deeper into its enigmatic tales.

Hotel Teatro, Denver

In the heart of Denver’s bustling downtown, the Hotel Teatro stands as a blend of historic charm and modern luxury. Housed in the former Denver Tramway Building, this boutique hotel is a nod to the city’s rich theatrical and architectural heritage. But beyond its chic interiors and impeccable service, the Hotel Teatro is whispered to have a cast of spectral characters performing their own after-hours show.

The most talked-about spirit is that of a toolman. Back when the building served as the tramway’s headquarters, it’s believed a young mechanic met a tragic end in the basement workshop. Today, staff and guests alike have reported hearing the clinking of tools and seeing ghostly apparitions in the hotel’s lower levels. Some even claim to have encountered the toolman himself, often appearing in a cloud of mist before vanishing into thin air.

As the Hotel Teatro welcomes guests from around the world, its paranormal tales add an extra layer of intrigue to their stay. The hotel’s rich history, combined with these ghostly encounters, creates an atmosphere that’s both enchanting and eerie. And as the curtain falls on another day in Denver, one can’t help but wonder if the hotel’s spectral residents are just beginning their nightly performance.

Overall, Denver has a rich history of haunted hotels, and these are just a few of the most famous ones. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, these hotels are sure to give you a thrill.

Haunted Restaurants and Bars

Denver has a rich history, and with that comes a plethora of haunted locations. Some of the most haunted places in Denver happen to be restaurants and bars. In this section, we will explore two of the most haunted restaurants and bars in Denver.

Buckhorn Exchange, Denver

In the vibrant landscape of Denver, the Buckhorn Exchange stands out as a relic of the Wild West. As the city’s oldest restaurant, its walls are adorned with a rich tapestry of history, from Native American artifacts to taxidermied animals. But beyond its renowned steak and game dishes, the Buckhorn Exchange is believed to serve up a side of the supernatural.

Founded in 1893 by Henry H. “Shorty Scout” Zietz, a close friend of Buffalo Bill, the establishment has seen its fair share of notable patrons. And some say a few of these patrons have never really left. The most prominent spirit is believed to be that of a railroad worker. Guests and staff have reported seeing his apparition, clad in period clothing, enjoying a drink at the bar before fading away. There are also tales of mysterious footsteps, disembodied voices, and glasses clinking in empty rooms.

Today, as diners enjoy the Buckhorn Exchange’s unique ambiance and culinary delights, there’s a palpable sense of the past lingering in the air. The restaurant’s storied history, combined with its ghostly tales, offers a dining experience that’s both gastronomic and otherworldly. And as the lights dim and the evening wears on, one can’t help but feel a connection to the spirits of Denver’s bygone era.

Yak & Yeti, Denver

Nestled in the historic district of Arvada, a suburb of Denver, the Yak & Yeti offers a tantalizing blend of Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan cuisine. Housed in a building that dates back to the early 20th century, its vibrant dishes and intricate decor transport diners to the Himalayas. But beyond the rich aromas and flavors, some believe the Yak & Yeti serves up more than just delicious meals; it’s said to be home to spirits from another time.

The building, originally the Eli Allen House, has a storied past. Over the years, it has served various roles, from a private residence to a series of different businesses. And with such a rich history, tales of the paranormal are bound to emerge. Staff and patrons have reported a series of unexplained occurrences. Lights flicker without reason, doors swing open on their own, and on quiet nights, the soft laughter of a child can be heard echoing through the halls. The most frequently sighted apparition is that of a young girl, believed to be from the building’s early days, playfully making her presence known.

Other Haunted Places

There are several other haunted places in Denver that are worth mentioning. Some of them are well-known while others are less popular. Here are a few of them:

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is known for its strange and mysterious happenings. Some people believe that the airport is built on top of an ancient burial ground, which has caused a lot of paranormal activity. Some of the most common reports include strange noises, unexplained sightings, and ghostly apparitions. There are also rumors of a secret underground bunker that is used for government experiments.

Riverdale Road

Riverdale Road is a long and winding road that is said to be haunted by a variety of spirits. Some of the most common sightings include a phantom jogger, a ghostly hitchhiker, and a woman in white who is said to roam the area looking for her lost child. There are also reports of a ghostly Camaro that drives up and down the road at night.

Fitzsimons Army Hospital

Fitzsimons Army Hospital was once a military hospital that treated soldiers during World War II. Today, it is part of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Many people believe that the hospital is haunted by the ghosts of soldiers who died there. Some of the most common reports include strange noises, unexplained footsteps, and ghostly apparitions.

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheater is a popular concert venue that is also said to be haunted. Some people believe that the area is haunted by the ghosts of Native Americans who once lived in the area. There are also reports of strange noises, unexplained sightings, and ghostly apparitions.

Denver Children’s Home

Denver Children’s Home is a non-profit organization that provides care for children who have been abused or neglected. Many people believe that the building is haunted by the ghosts of children who died there. Some of the most common reports include strange noises, unexplained footsteps, and ghostly apparitions.

Overall, Denver has a rich history that is full of legends and folklore. While some of these stories may be exaggerated or false, there is no doubt that Denver is a city that is steeped in mystery and intrigue. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these haunted places are sure to give you a spine-tingling experience.

Paranormal Investigations in Denver

Denver is a city with a rich history and many stories to tell. One of the most fascinating aspects of Denver’s history is its paranormal activity. Many paranormal investigators, ghost hunters, and ghost tours operate in the city, offering visitors and locals alike a chance to explore the haunted side of Denver.

Ghost hunters in Denver use a variety of tools and techniques to investigate paranormal activity. Some use electromagnetic field (EMF) meters to detect changes in the electromagnetic field, which are believed to be caused by ghosts. Others use digital voice recorders to capture electronic voice phenomena (EVP), which are believed to be the voices of the dead.

Ghost tours are also a popular way to experience Denver’s haunted history. These tours take visitors to some of the most haunted places in the city, including the Brown Palace Hotel and the Lumber Baron Inn. Many of these tours are led by knowledgeable guides who share stories of ghostly apparitions and other paranormal activity.

In addition to ghost tours and ghost hunters, there are also conspiracy theories surrounding some of Denver’s most haunted places. For example, some people believe that the Denver International Airport is built on top of a secret underground facility that houses aliens or other government secrets.

Overall, Denver is a city with a rich history of paranormal activity. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the haunted side of Denver.

Denver’s Haunted History

Denver is a city with a rich history, and much of it is steeped in ghostly legends and haunted tales. From the Littleton Cemetery to the Mile High City, the mountains to the Art Deco architecture, Denver is home to many haunted places that are sure to send shivers up your spine.

One of the most well-known haunted places in Denver is the Littleton Cemetery. This historic cemetery is the final resting place for many early settlers, including a little girl who is said to haunt the grounds. Legend has it that the little girl was killed in a car accident near the cemetery, and her spirit remains there to this day.

Another haunted location in Denver is the Mile High City itself. Denver’s downtown area is home to many historic buildings, including the Brown Palace Hotel and the Croke-Patterson Mansion. Both of these buildings are said to be haunted by the spirits of their former owners and guests.

If you venture out of the city and into the mountains, you’ll find even more haunted places to explore. The mountains around Denver are home to many ghost towns, including the town of St. Elmo. This abandoned town is said to be haunted by the spirits of its former residents, including a prospector who died in a mine collapse.

Back in the city, the Art Deco architecture of the Paramount Theatre is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former employee. And if you’re looking for a haunted piece of furniture, look no further than the Buffalo Bill Museum. The museum is home to a chair that is said to be haunted by the spirit of William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody himself.

Whether you’re a believer in the paranormal or not, Denver’s haunted history is sure to intrigue and fascinate. From ghostly little girls to haunted furniture, Denver has it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most haunted places in Denver?

Denver is home to several haunted places, including Cheesman Park, Buckhorn Exchange, and the Molly Brown House. These places have a reputation for being haunted due to their dark past and eerie occurrences.

Have there been any reported ghost sightings in Denver?

Yes, there have been numerous reported ghost sightings in Denver. Many people claim to have seen apparitions, heard unexplained noises, and felt strange presences in haunted places such as the Brown Palace Hotel and the Oxford Hotel.

What is the history behind the haunted places in Denver?

The haunted places in Denver have a rich history that often involves tragedy, violence, and death. For example, Cheesman Park was once a cemetery that was later converted into a park, leaving many unmarked graves behind. The Buckhorn Exchange was a popular hangout spot for cowboys, traders, and miners, many of whom suffered violent deaths. The Molly Brown House was the home of the famous Titanic survivor, but it is also rumored to be haunted by her ghost.

Are there any ghost tours available in Denver?

Yes, there are several ghost tours available in Denver that take visitors to some of the most haunted places in the city. These tours are a great way to learn about the history and legends behind Denver’s haunted places while experiencing the eerie atmosphere firsthand.

What precautions should I take if I visit one of the haunted places in Denver?

If you plan to visit one of the haunted places in Denver, it is important to take precautions to ensure your safety. Always go with a group, bring a charged phone, and avoid going alone at night. Be respectful of the property and the spirits that may reside there.

Can I visit any of the haunted places in Denver for free?

Many of the haunted places in Denver are open to the public and can be visited for free during normal operating hours. However, some places may require an admission fee or a reservation for a guided tour. It is always best to check ahead of time to avoid any surprises.

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