Haunted Places in Colorado: Discover the Most Haunted Locations in the State

  • By: Timothy Rose
  • Date: 11 August 2023
  • Time to read: 21 min.

Colorado is a state known for its stunning natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities. However, there is a darker side to this picturesque state. Colorado is also home to numerous haunted places, each with its own chilling story and paranormal activity. From haunted hotels to ghost towns, Colorado has plenty of spooky destinations for those brave enough to explore.

Stanley Hotel

One of the most famous haunted places in Colorado is the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. This hotel is said to be haunted by the ghosts of its former owners and guests, including the spirit of F.O. Stanley himself. The hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel “The Shining,” and visitors can take a ghost tour to learn more about its haunted history.

Another haunted destination in Colorado is the Molly Brown House in Denver. This historic home belonged to the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown, a survivor of the Titanic disaster. It is said that Molly’s ghost still haunts the house, along with the spirits of former residents and servants. Visitors can take a guided tour of the house to learn more about its haunted past.

Denver’s Haunted Locations

Denver, Colorado is known for its rich history and beautiful architecture. However, it is also home to several haunted locations that have attracted ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts from all over the world. In this section, we will explore some of Denver’s most haunted locations.

Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown House Museum in Denver, Colorado, stands as a testament to the life of the unsinkable Margaret “Molly” Brown. A philanthropist and Titanic survivor, Molly’s rags-to-riches story began when her husband struck gold in the late 1800s. Their Victorian mansion, built in 1887, showcases their affluence and Molly’s eclectic tastes.

Yet, beyond its opulence, whispers of the supernatural echo through its halls. Visitors and staff have reported seeing apparitions, including Molly herself, wandering the corridors. Mysterious footsteps, cold spots, and the faint sound of period music have also been noted. Some believe these spirits are Molly and her family, still attached to their beloved home.

Molly Brown House Museum - Credit Wally Gobetz
Molly Brown House Museum – Credit Wally Gobetz

Today, the museum attracts both history buffs and ghost hunters. While the tales of hauntings add an eerie allure, the museum primarily celebrates Molly’s legacy and her contributions to Denver’s cultural scene. Whether you’re seeking historical insights or a paranormal encounter, the Molly Brown House Museum promises an unforgettable experience.

Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado, wasn’t always a place for picnics and leisurely strolls. Originally, this land served as the city’s first cemetery, known as Mount Prospect Cemetery, established in the late 1850s. As the city grew, the decision was made to convert the space into a park. But here’s where things took a dark turn: not all the bodies were properly exhumed. Contractors, in a rush and often careless, left remains behind, leading to estimates that hundreds, if not thousands, of bodies still lie beneath the park’s green grass.

It’s no surprise then that tales of the paranormal are deeply intertwined with Cheesman’s history. Visitors often report eerie feelings, cold spots, and even apparitions appearing at dusk. Shadows move just beyond the corner of one’s eye, and some have heard hushed whispers or seen ghostly figures, believed to be restless spirits from the forgotten graves.

In the aftermath of its grim past, Cheesman Park has become a blend of urban beauty and haunting legends. While many come to enjoy its open spaces and scenic views, others are drawn by its mysterious history, hoping for a glimpse into the unknown. Whether you’re there for a jog or a ghostly encounter, Cheesman’s layered past ensures it’s never just another walk in the park.

Brown Palace Hotel

The Brown Palace Hotel, an architectural gem in the heart of Denver, Colorado, has been hosting presidents, celebrities, and travelers since 1892. Commissioned by Henry C. Brown and designed by architect Frank Edbrooke, its grand atrium, luxurious rooms, and storied past make it a landmark in the city’s history. But beyond its opulent facade and rich history, the hotel hides tales of the supernatural.

Onasill - Bill Badzo
Brown Palace Hotel – Credit Onasill – Bill Badzo

Guests and staff over the years have reported a myriad of paranormal occurrences. Mysterious figures have been seen wandering the hallways, only to vanish when approached. The sound of a baby crying emanates from Room 904, even when it’s unoccupied. This room was once the office of Louise Crawford Hill, a socialite who had a tumultuous love affair, adding layers to the hotel’s ghostly lore. Phantom piano music, disembodied voices, and unexplained cold drafts are just a few of the other eerie experiences shared by visitors.

Today, the Brown Palace Hotel stands not only as a testament to Denver’s golden age but also as a hotspot for those seeking encounters with the otherworldly. While many guests check in for its luxury and history, others hope to catch a glimpse of the spectral residents that, it seems, have never checked out.

Haunted Hotels in Colorado

Colorado is known for its haunted hotels, where guests have reported strange occurrences and sightings of apparitions. Here are some of the most famous haunted hotels in Colorado:

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

Nestled in the picturesque Estes Park, Colorado, the Stanley Hotel boasts more than just its stunning architecture and panoramic mountain views. Built by Freelan Oscar Stanley in 1909, this grand hotel was meant to be a luxurious retreat for the elite. But as the years passed, tales of its haunted hallways began to overshadow its opulent history.

Guests and staff have reported a plethora of paranormal experiences. Phantom footsteps echo in empty corridors, and ghostly laughter emanates from vacant rooms. The most famous spirit is Flora Stanley, Freelan’s wife, who is often heard playing the piano in the ballroom. Room 217, in particular, has gained notoriety after author Stephen King spent a night there, leading to inspirations for his iconic novel, “The Shining.” Guests of this room have reported items moving on their own, and some have even claimed to see apparitions.

The Stanley Hotel has embraced its ghostly reputation, offering guided ghost tours and hosting paranormal investigators. While many visitors come to bask in its historic charm and natural beauty, others arrive with hopes of experiencing a brush with the supernatural. Whether seeking luxury or a spectral encounter, the Stanley promises an unforgettable stay.

Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs

Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, stands as a beacon of luxury and history. Built in 1893 by Walter Devereux, it was envisioned as a haven for the wealthy, offering opulence reminiscent of Italian palaces. Over the years, it has hosted luminaries like President Teddy Roosevelt and the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown. However, its grandeur is matched by tales of spectral residents that seem to have never checked out.

Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs - Credit Glenwood Hot Springs and Hotel Colorado
Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs – Credit Glenwood Hot Springs and Hotel Colorado

The hotel’s storied past includes serving as a naval hospital during World War II. From this era, tales of a ghostly nurse pushing a gurney in the middle of the night have emerged. Guests have also reported encounters with a young girl named Katie, believed to have died in the hotel, who is often seen playing with a ball in the hallways. Mysterious cold spots, unexplained noises, and lights turning on and off by themselves add to the hotel’s paranormal resume.

Today, while many visitors are drawn to Hotel Colorado for its rich history and luxurious amenities, others come in search of its ghostly inhabitants. The hotel, with its blend of beauty and mystery, promises an experience that’s both opulent and otherworldly, making every stay a unique adventure.

Hotel Jerome, Aspen

Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado, is more than just a luxurious retreat amidst the snow-capped peaks. Since its establishment in 1889 by Jerome B. Wheeler, a co-owner of Macy’s Department Store, it has been a cornerstone of Aspen’s social scene, hosting celebrities, dignitaries, and even a few otherworldly guests.

The hotel’s long history is peppered with tales of the paranormal. One of the most well-known spirits is that of a young boy who drowned in the hotel’s pool in the 1930s. Guests have reported wet footprints in the hallways and the sound of a child’s laughter when no children are present. Another legend speaks of a maid named Katie, who died during a flu epidemic, and is now often seen in her Victorian attire, ensuring rooms are spotless. Unexplained noises, sudden temperature drops, and ghostly apparitions are among the many supernatural occurrences guests have recounted.

In the heart of Aspen, Hotel Jerome stands as a testament to the town’s rich history and its connection to the ethereal. While many come for its luxury and historic charm, others are drawn by the allure of its spectral tales, making every stay a blend of elegance and enigma.

The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs

The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, a sprawling luxury resort, has been the epitome of elegance since its doors opened in 1918. Commissioned by Spencer Penrose, this grand establishment was designed to rival Europe’s finest resorts. With its picturesque setting at the foot of the Cheyenne Mountains and a history of hosting celebrities and presidents, The Broadmoor is a jewel in Colorado’s crown.

Yet, amidst its opulence and grandeur, whispers of the paranormal have woven their way into the hotel’s tapestry. Guests have recounted tales of mysterious figures in hallways that disappear upon a second glance. Elevators are said to operate on their own, stopping at floors with no guests. The most famous ghostly tale revolves around a woman named Julie, believed to be a former guest. She’s been seen wandering the halls in a 1920s flapper dress, her presence often accompanied by the faint scent of perfume.

Today, The Broadmoor stands as a harmonious blend of luxury and legend. While many guests arrive to bask in its world-class amenities and breathtaking views, others come with a hint of curiosity, hoping to catch a glimpse of its ethereal residents. Whether for relaxation or a brush with the supernatural, The Broadmoor promises an experience like no other.

In conclusion, Colorado is home to several haunted hotels that are sure to give guests a spooky experience. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these hotels offer a unique glimpse into Colorado’s rich history and folklore.

Paranormal Activity in Mining Towns

Colorado is well-known for its mining history, and with that comes tales of paranormal activity in the old mining towns that still stand today. Here are a few examples of the haunted mining towns in Colorado.

Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek, Colorado, once a quiet ranching town, transformed overnight with the discovery of gold in 1890. As miners flocked, it quickly became a bustling city, filled with saloons, theaters, and casinos. The promise of wealth and the allure of the Wild West drew many, but with the boom came tales of greed, betrayal, and ghostly encounters.

The town’s paranormal tales are as rich as its mining history. The Cripple Creek Jail Museum, once the Teller County Jail, is said to be haunted by former inmates. Visitors have reported hearing disembodied voices, footsteps, and even the clinking of chains. The Hotel St. Nicholas, originally a hospital for miners, is another hotspot. Guests have recounted encounters with the spirit of a young girl named Maggie, and a mysterious “Shadow Man” who roams the halls. The town’s many casinos, theaters, and old buildings all have their own tales of ghostly gamblers, performers, and pioneers.

Today, Cripple Creek is a blend of its vibrant past and present. While casinos still draw crowds, many are also attracted to the town’s haunted history. Ghost tours and paranormal investigations are popular, offering a glimpse into the spirits that, it seems, have decided to stake their claim long after the gold rush ended.

Black Hawk

Black Hawk, Colorado, nestled in the Rocky Mountains, began its life as a mining town during the Colorado Gold Rush in the mid-1800s. As hopeful miners poured in, the town boomed, with its streets echoing the sounds of clinking coins, raucous saloons, and the ever-present hope of striking it rich. But as the gold veins ran dry, so did the town’s bustling energy, leaving behind tales of fortunes lost, historic fires, and spirits that never left.

The town’s transformation from mining hub to casino hotspot has not erased its ghostly past. The Gilpin Hotel Casino, once the site of the grand Gilpin Hotel, is said to be haunted by a woman in Victorian attire, believed to be the spirit of a former guest. The Bull Durham Saloon and Casino has tales of ghostly gamblers still trying their luck in the afterlife. And it’s not just casinos; many of Black Hawk’s historic buildings, from old mills to former brothels, have their own stories of spectral residents.

Today, Black Hawk stands as a testament to Colorado’s rich history, where the allure of the past meets modern entertainment. Visitors come for the gaming tables but stay for the tales of ghostly miners, lost loves, and spirits that still roam the town’s historic streets, making every visit a gamble between the present and the paranormal.

Ghost Town of St. Elmo

St. Elmo, once a bustling mining town in the heart of Colorado’s Sawatch Range, now stands as a haunting relic of the past. Founded in 1880 during the height of the Colorado Gold Rush, it quickly flourished, boasting a population of over 2,000 people, complete with saloons, dance halls, and a schoolhouse. But as the mines depleted and the railway ceased operations, St. Elmo’s vibrancy faded, leaving it a ghost town by the 1920s.

Ghost Town of St. Elmo - Credit Karen Blaha
Ghost Town of St. Elmo – Credit Karen Blaha

The town’s desolation didn’t mean it was void of activity. Paranormal tales began to circulate. The most famous ghost is said to be Annabelle Stark, a former resident who fiercely protected her property. Visitors have reported seeing a woman peering from the windows of the Stark family home, believed to be Annabelle keeping a watchful eye. Mysterious footsteps, the sound of children playing, and ghostly apparitions have all been recounted by those brave enough to explore.

Today, St. Elmo is a popular destination for history enthusiasts and ghost hunters alike. While many of its buildings remain eerily preserved, offering a glimpse into a bygone era, others come hoping to encounter the spirits that are rumored to still call this ghost town home. Whether drawn by its history or its hauntings, St. Elmo ensures a chilling journey into Colorado’s past.

In conclusion, Colorado’s mining towns have a rich history that includes tales of paranormal activity. Visitors to these towns should keep their eyes and ears open for strange occurrences and ghostly figures.

Haunted Prisons in Colorado

Colorado has a rich history of prisons, and some of them are rumored to be haunted. In this section, we will explore the most haunted prisons in Colorado.

Museum of Colorado Prisons, Cañon City

The Museum of Colorado Prisons, located in Cañon City, is one of the most haunted prisons in the state. The museum is housed in what used to be the Women’s Correctional Facility, which was built in 1935. The prison was closed in 1968, and the building was later turned into a museum.

Visitors to the museum have reported experiencing strange occurrences, such as hearing footsteps and seeing apparitions. Some have even claimed to have been touched by unseen hands. The museum offers guided tours that take visitors through the cell house, the gallows, and the gas chamber. During the tours, visitors can learn about the history of the prison and the lives of the prisoners who were held there.

One of the most famous inmates at the prison was Alfred Packer, who was convicted of cannibalism in 1874. Packer was sentenced to death, but his sentence was later commuted to life in prison. He spent 18 years at the Colorado State Penitentiary before being paroled in 1901.

The Museum of Colorado Prisons is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history of prisons in Colorado. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the prisoners who were held there.

In conclusion, the Museum of Colorado Prisons in Cañon City is one of the most haunted prisons in Colorado. Visitors can learn about the history of the prison and the lives of the prisoners who were held there while experiencing the eerie atmosphere of the former Women’s Correctional Facility.

Spooky Stories from Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is known for its haunted places, and there are plenty of spooky stories to tell. Here are a few tales from some of the city’s most haunted locations.

Highlands Ranch Mansion

Highlands Ranch Mansion, a sprawling estate in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is a testament to the state’s rich history and architectural grandeur. Built in the late 1800s, the mansion has seen multiple owners, from cattle barons to oil magnates. Each chapter of its history has added layers to its architectural beauty and, some say, to its spectral population.

Highlands Ranch Mansion - Credit Dominic Sagar
Highlands Ranch Mansion – Credit Dominic Sagar

Over the years, tales of the paranormal have become intertwined with the mansion’s legacy. Staff and visitors alike have reported encounters that defy explanation. Soft whispers in empty rooms, the faint sound of music from bygone eras, and apparitions in period attire have all been recounted. One prominent tale speaks of a woman in a long, flowing dress, believed to be a former resident, seen wandering the mansion’s hallways or gazing out of its windows.

Today, the Highlands Ranch Mansion serves as a community hub, hosting events and tours that celebrate its storied past. While many are drawn to its historical significance and architectural splendor, others come hoping to catch a glimpse of the spirits that are rumored to still roam its rooms. Whether for history or hauntings, a visit to the mansion promises a journey through time and perhaps, a brush with the otherworldly.

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, is a treasure trove of the region’s history. Housed in the former El Paso County Courthouse, the museum boasts over 60,000 artifacts, chronicling the tales of Native Americans, gold rush pioneers, and the evolution of this vibrant city. The building itself, constructed in 1903, stands as a testament to the city’s rich architectural past.

But beyond its exhibits and artifacts, the museum has stories that aren’t displayed on its placards. Whispers of the paranormal have long been associated with the building. Visitors have recounted seeing the apparition of a man in early 20th-century attire, believed to be a former judge, roaming the hallways. Others have heard the soft giggles of children playing in rooms that, upon inspection, are empty. The museum’s clock tower, a prominent feature, has its own tales, with reports of unexplained shadows and the distant sound of footsteps.

Today, the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum attracts history enthusiasts and curious souls alike. While many come to delve into the region’s past, others hope to encounter the spectral residents that seem to have lingered. Whether you’re exploring the city’s history or its mysteries, the museum promises an enlightening experience.

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, though not as famous as some of its counterparts, carries a weight of history and mystery that’s hard to ignore. Nestled in a quiet area, this cemetery has been the final resting place for many souls over the decades. The gravestones, some weathered by time, tell tales of lives lived, from war veterans to beloved family members.

romana klee
Mt. Pisgah Cemetery – Credit romana klee

But like many old cemeteries, Mt. Pisgah has its share of ghostly tales. Nighttime visitors and even some during the day have reported seeing shadowy figures moving between the tombstones, disappearing when approached. There’s a legend of a woman in white, a common apparition in many graveyards, who is said to wander the grounds, mourning a lost love. Soft whispers, the feeling of being watched, and even the sensation of cold fingers brushing against one’s skin have been recounted by those brave enough to venture there after dark.

Today, Mt. Pisgah Cemetery stands as a testament to the passage of time and the memories of those long gone. While many visit to pay their respects or delve into genealogical research, others are drawn by the allure of its paranormal reputation. Whether you’re there to remember the past or experience the mysteries of the present, Mt. Pisgah promises a visit you won’t soon forget.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these spooky stories are sure to send shivers down your spine. If you’re brave enough, why not visit these haunted locations and see if you experience anything paranormal?

Aspen’s Haunted Heritage

Aspen, Colorado, is a town with a rich history, and with that history comes tales of the paranormal. From indigenous tribes to gun-slinging outlaws, Aspen has seen its fair share of bloodshed and tragedy. Here are two notable entities that contribute to Aspen’s haunted heritage.

Jerome B. Wheeler

Jerome B. Wheeler was a prominent businessman and investor in Aspen during the late 1800s. He played a significant role in the development of the town, investing heavily in mining and real estate. Wheeler is also known for building the Hotel Jerome, which still stands as one of Aspen’s most iconic landmarks.

Wheeler’s legacy in Aspen has not been without controversy. Some believe that his aggressive business tactics and disregard for the environment have contributed to the town’s haunted reputation. Others point to his rumored involvement in the occult and suggest that his practices may have left a spiritual imprint on the town.

Hotel Jerome

Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado, is a beacon of luxury and history, nestled amidst the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. Established in 1889 by magnate Jerome B. Wheeler, this iconic hotel has seen Aspen transform from a silver mining town to a world-renowned ski resort. Its walls have witnessed the comings and goings of celebrities, tycoons, and even a few spectral guests.

The hotel’s storied past is not without its share of ghostly tales. Guests have reported unexplained phenomena, from lights flickering to curtains moving with no breeze. The most talked-about spirit is that of a young boy, believed to have drowned in a hotel bathtub. His wet footprints are sometimes seen leading from the bathroom to the bed. Another legend speaks of the spirit of a former maid, who seems to continue her duties in the afterlife, tidying up when guests aren’t looking.

Today, while many flock to Hotel Jerome for its luxurious amenities and rich history, others come hoping to encounter its otherworldly residents. The hotel, with its blend of elegance and enigma, ensures that whether you’re seeking relaxation or a spectral encounter, every stay is memorable.

While some may dismiss these stories as mere folklore, many visitors to the Hotel Jerome have reported experiencing unexplainable phenomena. Whether or not the hotel is truly haunted remains a mystery, but its reputation as Aspen’s most haunted location is firmly established.

Glenwood Springs and Its Ghosts

Glenwood Springs is a small town in the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies, situated at the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers. The town has a rich history and is home to several haunted places. Visitors to Glenwood Springs can experience the town’s haunted history by visiting the Imperial Hotel.

Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel was built in 1893 and is one of the oldest hotels in Glenwood Springs. The hotel is known for its paranormal activity, and many guests and staff members have reported experiencing strange occurrences.

One of the most famous ghosts at the Imperial Hotel is that of a young girl named Katie. According to legend, Katie died in a fire that broke out in the hotel in the early 1900s. Guests have reported seeing her ghostly figure wandering the halls of the hotel and hearing her singing.

Another ghost that haunts the Imperial Hotel is that of a former owner named Walter Devereux. Devereux is said to have died in the hotel in the 1920s and is known for his mischievous behavior. Guests have reported hearing strange noises and seeing objects move on their own, which some believe are the work of Devereux’s ghost.

The Imperial Hotel has been featured on several paranormal investigation shows, including “Ghost Adventures” and “My Ghost Story.” The hotel’s haunted reputation has made it a popular destination for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Glenwood Springs is a town with a rich history and several haunted places. The Imperial Hotel is one of the most famous haunted locations in the town, and visitors can experience the hotel’s paranormal activity by staying in one of its reportedly haunted rooms or by taking a ghost tour.

Aurora’s Haunted History

Aurora, Colorado, has a rich history of haunted places, with numerous reports of paranormal activity. One of the most famous haunted places in Aurora is the Fitzsimons Army Hospital.

Fitzsimons Army Hospital

Fitzsimons Army Hospital, located in Aurora, Colorado, has a history deeply rooted in military medicine and care. Established during World War I, it rapidly expanded during the 1918 influenza pandemic, providing crucial care during a dire health crisis. Over the decades, it grew in prominence, treating thousands of soldiers from both World Wars, including President Dwight D. Eisenhower after his heart attack in 1955.

However, with such a long history of medical care, trauma, and death, it’s no surprise that tales of the paranormal have emerged. Former staff and visitors have reported a range of eerie occurrences. Disembodied voices, the sounds of footsteps in empty corridors, and even apparitions of soldiers and nurses have been witnessed. One recurring tale speaks of a nurse in a World War II-era uniform, seen wandering the halls, forever tending to her patients.

Though Fitzsimons Army Hospital officially closed its doors in 1999, its legacy lives on, both in the memories of those it served and in the tales of the supernatural that continue to circulate. Today, as parts of the old campus undergo redevelopment, many can’t help but wonder if the spirits of the past will make their presence known to new generations.

Paranormal Experiences on the Road

Colorado is home to several haunted roads that can make for an unforgettable road trip. From phantom hitchhikers to ghostly apparitions, these roads are said to be haunted by spirits that have not yet moved on.

Phantom Canyon Road

Phantom Canyon Road, winding its way through Colorado’s rugged terrain, is more than just a scenic byway; it’s a journey through history and mystery. Originally a railway route for the Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad in the 1890s, it played a pivotal role in the gold rush era, transporting ore, supplies, and hopeful miners. Today, as drivers navigate its hairpin turns and old bridges, they’re tracing the paths of yesteryear’s fortune-seekers.

But as the sun dips below the horizon, the road’s name takes on a more literal meaning. Travelers have reported eerie encounters along this route. Phantom hitchhikers, who vanish when offered a ride, are a common tale. There are also stories of ghostly miners, still wandering the canyon, perhaps in search of the gold they never found. The sounds of old train whistles, despite no tracks remaining, have sent chills down the spines of many late-night travelers.

Today, Phantom Canyon Road remains a popular drive for those seeking both natural beauty and a touch of the supernatural. As the shadows lengthen and the canyon’s echoes grow louder, one can’t help but feel the weight of the past and the mysteries that this historic road still holds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most haunted places in Colorado?

Colorado is home to several haunted places, including the infamous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, which inspired Stephen King’s novel “The Shining.” Other haunted locations include the Molly Brown House in Denver, the Cheesman Park in Denver, and the Hotel Jerome in Aspen.

Have there been any reported ghost sightings in Colorado?

Yes, there have been several reported ghost sightings in Colorado. Visitors to the Stanley Hotel have reported seeing ghosts in the hallways, and the Molly Brown House is said to be haunted by the ghost of Margaret Brown herself. The Cheesman Park is also known for its ghostly apparitions and strange occurrences.

What is the history behind some of Colorado’s haunted locations?

Many of the Colorado haunted places have a rich history that contributes to their paranormal activity. The Stanley Hotel, for example, was built in 1909 and has been the site of several tragic events, including a gas leak that killed several guests in 1911. The Molly Brown House was home to the famous Titanic survivor Margaret Brown, and the Cheesman Park was built on the site of a former graveyard.

Are there any guided tours of haunted places in Colorado?

Yes, there are several guided tours of haunted places in Colorado. The Stanley Hotel offers a ghost tour that takes visitors through the hotel’s most haunted areas, and there are several ghost tours in Denver that explore the city’s haunted history.

What precautions should be taken when visiting haunted places in Colorado?

Visitors to haunted places in Colorado should always be respectful of the location and its history. It’s important to follow any rules or guidelines set forth by the property owner, and to avoid any dangerous or prohibited areas. Visitors should also be mindful of their own safety and take precautions when exploring potentially dangerous or unstable areas.

Are there any famous ghost stories associated with Colorado’s haunted places?

Yes, there are several famous ghost stories associated with the haunted places in Colorado. The Stanley Hotel is said to be haunted by several ghosts, including the ghost of a young girl who plays in the hallway and the ghost of a former housekeeper who continues to work at the hotel. The Molly Brown House is said to be haunted by the ghost of Margaret Brown herself, who is said to appear in her former bedroom.

Are there any lesser-known haunted places in Colorado worth exploring?

Yes, there are several lesser-known haunted places in Colorado that offer unique paranormal experiences. One such place is the Croke-Patterson Mansion in Denver, rumored to be haunted by former residents. Another is the Brook Forest Inn near Evergreen, with stories of ghostly apparitions and mysterious footsteps.

Can visitors stay overnight at some of the haunted places in Colorado?

Certainly, some haunted places in Colorado offer overnight accommodations. The Stanley Hotel, for instance, not only provides guided ghost tours but also welcomes guests to spend the night and experience the paranormal activity firsthand. It’s a rare chance to immerse yourself in the haunted history of the location.

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