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Cheesman Park is an apparently calm refuge located in the middle of Denver, Colorado. Thoughts of a terrifying past still linger beneath its peaceful exterior, where history and ghosts entwine in unnerving harmony.


Cheesman Park, situated in Denver, Colorado, holds a history as fascinating as it is chilling. Originally known as Mount Prospect Cemetery, the land was designated as Denver’s first official graveyard in 1858. However, the city’s rapid growth soon necessitated more space for the living, prompting plans for expansion.

Originally known as the Prospect Hill Cemetery, Cheesman Park’s past is intertwined with a somber history. Functioning as a burial ground, the site gained notoriety due to its location away from the city center. It primarily accommodated victims of diseases like yellow fever and other illnesses. Unsubstantiated rumors also suggest that it served as a Potter’s field, becoming the final resting place for the impoverished and less fortunate members of the community.

The cemetery’s inhabitants encompassed a diverse range of individuals, including members of the Chinese community who had contributed to the construction of the railroad. The remains of these laborers were eventually repatriated to China for reburial. As Cheesman Park evolved into its current form, the shadows of its past continue to cast an eerie aura, reminding visitors of the complex history concealed beneath its serene exterior.

Formally Prospect Hill Cemetery
Formally Prospect Hill Cemetery – Credit denverpost

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Haunting Past – Restless Spirits

Built upon the remnants of an old burial ground, Cheesman Park stands as a testament to the past’s lingering presence. The souls of those left behind, a result of hasty relocations, are believed to have forged a realm of paranormal activity within its borders. With thousands of forgotten bodies, the park has become a magnet for the otherworldly.

Among the restless spirits, whispers suggest that some souls remain on a quest for answers. Disrupted from their final resting place, they roam both within and beyond the park’s confines, seeking solace for their interrupted slumber. The very ground they once peacefully occupied has transformed into a canvas of eerie occurrences.

Yet, the most chilling tales emerge from the souls who were improperly laid to rest. Hacked and contorted to fit into ill-fitting coffins, their spectral presence is said to be laced with anger and unrest. As darkness blankets the park, phantom wails and screams pierce the night, a haunting chorus that resonates through the ages. Shadowy figures, like specters from a forgotten era, dance at the edges of perception, their forms darting and shifting in the moon’s ethereal glow.

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Mysterious Vanishing

Cheesman Park is surrounded by an ominous air at night. Playful kids disappear without a trace, their laughter reverberating, leaving only uncertainty in their wake. Before she too vanishes into thin air, a woman sings a melancholy song that travels on the wind.

Whispers among visitors speak of these inexplicable events. Restless souls, perhaps the very ones disturbed from their eternal slumber, are believed to be the cause. Their presence, though unseen, is deeply felt, casting an otherworldly pall over the park.

Cheesman Park’s legend is etched with the eerie vanishing of children and the haunting song of a woman forever lost. As the night descends and shadows lengthen, one can’t help but wonder if the park’s tranquility masks a world where the boundary between the living and the departed is blurred, a realm where the echoes of the past linger on.

Disrespected Graves

Beneath the serene exterior of Cheesman Park lies a hidden truth, known to only a few. This secret whispers of an unsettling connection between the living and the long-forgotten past.

As visitors tread upon the grounds of Cheesman Park, they unknowingly traverse a history that stretches back more than 150 years. Beneath their feet, the earth cradles the graves of those who once rested there. Though the idea of walking on graves might seem disrespectful, many wander without knowledge of the somber truth.

Unsettling feelings and unease have plagued some parkgoers, as if the souls of the past reach out to remind them of the history concealed beneath the grass. Some frequent visitors, now aware of the park’s hidden legacy, continue to explore the grounds, driven by curiosity rather than disregard for the departed.

Cheesman Park Pathways
Cheesman Park Pathways – Credit Ken Lund

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Steeped in an enigmatic history and eerie aura, Cheesman Park has captured the spotlight in various media, inviting explorations into the realm of the unknown. Notably, it played a central role in the gripping documentary series “Echoes of the Past: Uncovering Paranormal Mysteries,” where investigators delved into the park’s ghostly stories and unsettling occurrences.

Literature, too, has woven Cheesman Park into its tapestry, with works like “Murder In Cheesman Park” by Kenneth N. Brown and “The Haunted Heart of Denver” by Kevin Pharris. These literary creations unravel the spectral narratives of the park, presenting captivating accounts of its haunted past.

Even today, Cheesman Park stands as a compelling destination for history buffs and those intrigued by the supernatural. Its presence in popular culture and media casts a spell of fascination, drawing visitors to immerse themselves in its eerie and mysterious ambiance. Just as dusk descends, the park’s whispers and shadows beckon, offering a rendezvous with the enigmatic and the unexplained.


Cheesman Park is enveloped in an unnerving silence as night falls, with only the gentle rustle of leaves and far-off memories to break the silence. The park’s past as a repurposed cemetery, with its graves moved but not forgotten, gives the serene environment an unsettling undercurrent. There are rumours of restless ghosts and strange feelings that blend together, as if the deceased’s souls are still itching to tell their stories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is Cheesman Park located?
A. Cheesman Park is situated in Denver, Colorado, offering an urban oasis in the midst of the city.

Q. What is the history of Cheesman Park?
A. Cheesman Park has an unsettling history as it was built on the grounds of an old burial site, Prospect Hill Cemetery, where thousands of bodies were left behind during its transformation into a park.

Q. Are there any eerie legends associated with Cheesman Park?
A. Yes, legends tell of children playing in the park at night before mysteriously vanishing, and a woman singing before also disappearing, leaving an eerie atmosphere.

Q. Is it true that visitors may be walking on graves at Cheesman Park?
A. Yes, beneath the tranquil surface of the park lie the graves of those buried over 150 years ago. Many visitors might unknowingly walk on these graves, contributing to the eerie atmosphere.

Q. Have people reported unusual experiences while visiting Cheesman Park?
A. Absolutely, some visitors have reported unsettling feelings, eerie sensations, and even phantom noises like wails and screams, particularly at night.

Q. Why do people still visit Cheesman Park despite its eerie history?
A. Despite the unsettling legends, Cheesman Park’s allure remains strong. Its blend of history, beauty, and the paranormal intrigue draws visitors who seek both a serene escape and a brush with the unknown.

Q. Are there any documented paranormal investigations at Cheesman Park?
A. While there’s no official documentation, Cheesman Park’s reputation has led to various unofficial paranormal investigations and ghost tours, adding to its mystique.

Q. How does Cheesman Park’s history impact its atmosphere today?
A. The park’s history of being a cemetery creates an eerie undercurrent that coexists with its picturesque beauty, leaving visitors with a sense of the past that lingers among the present.

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